Interview with Hernán – SDR Manager Bloobirds

Today we spoke with Hernán Gimeno, SDR Manager of Bloobirds, and he explained us his experience as an SDR in a SaaS Startup. Hernán is from Mallorca and after finishing his studies in Translation and Interpretation in English, he made his first steps in a digital marketing company in Mallorca. In August 2019 he joined Bloobirds as an SDR and in early 2020 he became SDR Manager.

Remote working for SDRs- Yes or No?

Both yes and no: it’s a NO at the beginning that can gradually become a YES. Let's explain it.

Resilience in an SDR

You have decided to take a huge step in your professional career and become an SDR. Some aspects of the role will be as you expected and others will surprise you, but what is clear is that you will need to cultivate certain indispensable skills for it. In this article we will discuss about how to work on your resilience, a key skill for your success.

Training session with SDRs

We love meeting again with the SDRs we have recently recruited and see how their first days in the role have been. For this reason, we organize a training session every 1-2 months with the new settled SDRs in different B2B SaaS start-ups.

Career fairs

Last November, we had the opportunity to attend different career fairs; among them, UPFeina, ESERP Business School and Catholic University of Valencia.

Previous experience in SDRs

Should we seek experience in Sales Development Representatives? This is a widely discussed topic as well as a relevant one. In this article we will discuss why looking for "experienced" SDRs can be totally counterproductive.

The SDR profile

SDRs are possibly the most important part of the sales team: they “take customers out of nowhere” and are the first phase of the sales funnel, as well as the first image of our startup.

Evolution of an SDR

When an SDR is incorporated into the outbound team of a SaaS start-up, it is essential to consider the development he/she will experience.