Authenticity and your personal brand

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about Steve Jobs or Michelle Obama? All this set of characteristics that we attribute to any famous character evidence and define their personal brand. All these aspects will determine the image that third parties have about ourselves. So, to begin with, we must ask ourselves the following questions: What’s my value proposition? What distinguishes me from the rest? With which attributes do I want to be related to?

Gamification: Get on the podium!

It often arises the question about how to motivate our SDR team, improve the results and achieve a healthy competitiveness while having fun. Today we’re going to talk about gamification: when you have a cohesive and powerful team, it’s a good idea to introduce changes that pose new challenges and go further. Economic remuneration is not the only way, as we’re not only looking for results but also to have a good time. At the same time, happy SDRs will transmit its enthusiasm to their leads, and everyone likes to buy from positive people who look passionate for what they do.

How to excel your SDR Onboarding

As we discussed in one of our previous articles, even the most brilliant SDR won’t shine in your company if not provided with the right tools and a clear methodology. In line with this, it becomes indispensable to excel your SDR onboarding plan. At the same time, if you have a clear onboarding plan, it can be used for any new SDR, making the process agile and applicable to anyone joining the team.

How to design a good SDR commission plan

Any company in the process of hiring its first sales reps will agree about the challenge of developing a good commission structure. The existence of this detailed structure wasn’t so necessary when the founders themselves were in charge of the sales; however, when this new member joins the sales team, it’s essential to introduce an effective commission plan.

In-house or outsourced SDR team?

We get you. You want to see an increase in revenue… and fast. Depending solely on marketing won’t provide you enough pipeline, so it’s time to incorporate an SDR team in your strategy. But then the big question comes… should you build an in-house team or outsource it?

How to attract the best talent

When you start building the team in your company, you must never forget it will be the most valuable asset in it. In order to attract top talent, it’s not about candidates convincing you that they’re the right fit, but rather about you convincing them that this is the perfect opportunity for them. It therefore becomes essential to have certain qualities or values that will make you attract top talent, which should be made very clear with candidates during their interview process.

Hard vs Soft sales: Which is the best SDR approach?

It seems obvious that to be successful as an SDR you must have the best attitude and mindset in order to close meetings. But in front of this situation, it often arises the following question: is it better to adopt the role of wolf or lamb? Extremes don’t tend to be good and especially when it comes to sales within the SaaS B2B sector. Let's go deeper into these two approaches.

Ask the right questions!

So, you’ve done your research on that lead. It seems like your service could really add value to their profitability, processes or results. But once you finally manage to talk to that lead, you still fail to prospect it.

The importance of both talent and methodology

The commercial profession is perhaps one of the hardest out there, and because of this it’s also one of the best paid. Commercials are the most visible face of the results of a company. The pressure for it – and also the satisfaction if you get results- is not precisely small.

Should we base our professional motivation solely on money?

In a professional context, when a person recognizes to be motivated by money, it often generates a feeling of dishonesty or unscrupulousness. This is because we tend to seek a higher purpose in our professional career: to carry out our vocation, to make a difference or to believe in what we do. All of this is especially relevant when it comes to sales positions.

Are you attracted to Sales?

Generally speaking, and unlike other fields such as marketing or advertising, sales are not usually a popular or desired professional career for recent graduates, even though they tend to be better paid and allow a faster development.

Book recommendations by and for SDRs

If you want to shine as an SDR, it's not just about working smart but also working hard. To accomplish this, you should train your skills and knowledge constantly, and among other means, reading is a must.

Interview with Hernán – SDR Manager Bloobirds

Today we spoke with Hernán Gimeno, SDR Manager of Bloobirds, and he explained us his experience as an SDR in a SaaS Startup. Hernán is from Mallorca and after finishing his studies in Translation and Interpretation in English, he made his first steps in a digital marketing company in Mallorca. In August 2019 he joined Bloobirds as an SDR and in early 2020 he became SDR Manager.

Remote working for SDRs- Yes or No?

Both yes and no: it’s a NO at the beginning that can gradually become a YES. Let's explain it.

Resilience in an SDR

You have decided to take a huge step in your professional career and become an SDR. Some aspects of the role will be as you expected and others will surprise you, but what is clear is that you will need to cultivate certain indispensable skills for it. In this article we will discuss about how to work on your resilience, a key skill for your success.

SDR Training Sessions

We love meeting again with Sales Reps that we have recently recruited to talk about their first days in the role. Therefore, we organize a training session every 1-2 months with the new settled SDRs.

Career fairs

Last November, we had the opportunity to attend different career fairs; among them, UPFeina, ESERP Business School and Catholic University of Valencia.

Expectations of an SDR

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) bet on this role for different reasons: they like the contact with clients, they enjoy building relationships, they want a challenging role, they look to work in a specific sector… But all candidates have some common expectations.