Authenticity and your personal brand

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about Steve Jobs or Michelle Obama? All this set of characteristics that we attribute to any famous character evidence and define their personal brand.

All these aspects will determine the image that third parties have about ourselves. So, to begin with, we must ask ourselves the following questions: What’s my value proposition? What distinguishes me from the rest? With which attributes do I want to be related to?

If we focus on the personal brand of a sales rep, since it’s a junior profile, we will pay attention to their skills and motivations, and not so much on their CV.

On another hand, a personal brand it relies much more on the character of an individual than his or her professional career.

These key points and character will help an SDR to differentiate himself from other professionals and allow him or her to build a long-term professional strategy.

How do we build a successful personal brand?

Theoretically, the answer is simple: be authentic.

Especially in a sales rep role it’s easy to detect when a person is acting naturally or, on the contrary, is pretending to be someone else.

At the same time, it’s important to be present in the conversation. Listen, react, adapt, go for it. Don’t let yourself be sabotaged by the fears and hypothetic outcomes like “what if I don’t get it? I need to close this meeting…”.

Let’s not forget either that, in order to have a successful conversation with your prospects, you should keep it:

  • Close
  • Valuable (really be of help to your prospect)
  • Entertaining (dynamic and enjoyable)
  • Empathetic (adapt the speech to the interlocutor’s reaction)
  • Emotional (we already know the importance of emotions…).

If we follow this and add our genuine authenticity to it, we’re already starting to build our personal brand.

With all of this, step by step we will build an image of ourselves with which we want to be identified.

In addition, it’s quite relevant to highlight that the personal brand is the result of the online and offline, so they must be consistent with each other. And anyway, nowadays it’s especially important to keep in mind the online part, because if you’re not on the internet it’s almost as if you didn’t exist.

To sum up, our advice in this topic would be: get to know yourself first and foremost, practicing self-awareness, set yourself a goal according to your essence and establish an action plan to get where you want.

In other words… Get started with creating your personal brand as soon as possible!

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