8 tips to become a superstar SDR

The SDR role is not an easy one. But if you’ve got what it takes and you follow these tips, you’ll become a superstar SDR in no time.

For all newbies out there, here’s some tips we’ve collected from superstar SDRs.

Be curious

There’s two main reasons why a superstar SDR should be curious –

  • Because you’ll have to do tons of research before contacting your leads. Remember that the more information you know, the higher the chances that your leads will answer your outreach – as long as it’s used correctly, of course.
  • Because you’ll have more meaningful conversations. Go beyond the surface, get to the root of the issue.

Be persistent

Being an SDR can be harsh, there’s no doubt about it. One of the reasons is the fact that every SDR will be facing rejection on a daily basis, but you’ll have to learn to be persistent and keep trying despite the noes.

Also, it may take up to 6 attempts for leads to answer your calls!

Another reason why persistence is the key is that you’ll need to follow a process. If you don’t, how can you ensure success? How will you know what works and what doesn’t?

And last but not least, if you’re working towards a promotion, you’ll have to show your manager that you’re worth taking the chance on. So make sure that you crush your quota consistently.

Be proactive

Investigate, read, watch videos, participate in forums, follow relevant people on LinkedIn. Never stop learning, invest in training.

Organise your day

You’ll need to create a schedule to ensure you’re not only achieving your goals, but also exceed them. Let’s make the most out of the commissions, right?

The best way is to organise half of your day and leave the other half open to activities that may come up unexpectedly. Consider the best times and days for cold calling.

Create daily objectives, such as achieving a certain amount of conversations. This will help you keep track of your quota and boost your productivity.

Keep it up

There is always something to do in the life of an SDR. Do research, make calls, send follow up messages…

Learn how to prioritise and keep yourself busy!

Be an expert of your product

You should know the product you’re selling, be passionate about it!

Now, being an expert doesn’t mean you have to know all the technicalities, that’s the job of an Account Executive. But you need to know how it can solve your leads’ pains and you need to sound confident when you’re presenting your product.

Learn from your team’s superstar SDR

To become a superstar SDR, you’ll have to learn from superstar SDRs. Is there a top performer in your team? Shadow them, ask them questions.

And, of course, master the art of communication

Let’s break it down –

  1. Practice active listening
  2. Be empathic
  3. Be clear and concise
  4. Adapt your speech to the interlocutor
  5. Don’t limit yourself to always follow the script. Be yourself!

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