Evolution of an SDR

When an SDR is incorporated into the outbound team of a SaaS start-up, it is essential to consider the development he/she will experience.

We’ve come to believe that the only possible evolution of an SDR is a career in sales. But is this assumption correct?

Sales Reps are usually a young profile with a lot of potential that are just beginning a commercial career in this sector. They are candidates full of ambition, looking for a powerful development within the company.

But what is the direction of such development?

  • A third of them evolve into Business Development Manager (BDM) or Account Executive (AE), where they close deals already.
  • Another third evolve towards another department of the start-up, such as Marketing or Costumer Success. These profiles meet objectives and work well in the company, however, they decide that sales are just not for them.
  • The last third will continue their trajectory in another sector. Not anyone can become a good SDR. Just like any job in sales, SDR jobs are taxing and tough, so a significant number of Sales Reps decide to redirect their career.

Whatever the evolution of an SDR ends up being in the startup, it is undeniable that initiating their career as a Sales Rep will be very useful. It will provide reps with knowledge about leads, how to deal with them and their concerns.

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