Reach your goals by defining your fears

While it might seem obvious that clarity and focus helps us reach our goals, we don’t usually pay enough attention to the fears that keep us away from them. Paradoxically, the things we are most afraid of are usually the ones we desire the most. So, what do you fear (*desire*) the most?

Especially in sales, there is a direct connection between overcoming fears and achieving your goals.

If you fear that you won’t achieve your quota or that a prospect will be rude to you, you’re in fact desiring to achieve your objectives and to have an amazing relationship with your prospects, among other things.

There is no point in trying to escape from fear, as it will always be there, but you can rather change your relationship with it and use it as an ally, which will help you get a clearer insight of your desires. 

How to face your fears?

In order to take action in front of scary situations, it can be useful to imagine the worst-case scenario.

Put yourself in the most awful situation it might happen -allowing yourself to deeply feel and live your fear- and then, think of how you could prevent it from happening or how to repair it.

This way, you will have already experienced this situation and developed a resilient mindset, which will allow you to handle difficult situations in a more fluid way.

As an example, let’s define a common SDR fear: being rudely rejected.

What could the SDR do to prevent it? Some examples could be to call the prospects in a reasonable time frame, show them a genuine interest and knowledge about the ICP and company, build trust and ask interesting questions.

Now, what could the SDR do to deal with rude rejection? Honestly, not much, but to keep the temper and accept the situation, try to understand the reasons behind the rejection and thank the prospect for their time; exploring if something can be improved for the next calls. 

On the other hand, you can evaluate the cost of inaction or status quo by asking yourself the following question: «What do I win by remaining the same? And what will I lose if I give it a try?».

Sometimes, you might even want to compare it along a period of time: «How will my life look like in one month/year if I don’t take this risk now?»

Why should you face your fears?

Furthermore, there are countless benefits to taking action and overcoming our fears, regardless of the result.

It will surely help you in a wide variety of aspects: boosting self-confidence, feeling good when acting according to your values, developing different skills, etc.

The bottom line

In case you’re a salesperson or even if you’re not, it’s great to start looking at your fears as a compass to guide you on doing something, rather than a stopper that keeps you from getting what you want.

In sales, as in life, what we fear the most, is very often exactly where we need to focus in order to grow. It takes courage, but the growth you’ll experience is worth it!

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