Why do you need a recruitment agency to scale your SaaS startup?

When the time comes to scale your SaaS, it becomes necessary to invest in talent that will continue to empower the startup’s growth. Have you considered working with a recruitment agency?

When scaling our startup, one of the most important areas to invest in is HR. We’ll have to onboard the right people within a short period of time.

In this case, you will find that having the support of an HR consultant will be very beneficial.

Why should you work with a recruitment agency?

Cover temporary recruiting needs

When we’re scaling a SaaS, we need to hire in volume and fast. The internal HR team may need additional support to carry out these efforts, and hiring an in-house recruiter may not be the best option in the long run.

Consulting and experience

Recruitment agencies know the market. We know what profiles exist and and what profiles are a rarity. Whilst we can’t avoid looking for our unicorn, certain profiles may not exist and we’ll have to broaden the spectrum of our search and prioritize the requirements in the job description.

We can also advise on the profile that best suits the needs of the company. In the past, we have met with clients and, after discussing their needs in depth, we have realized that the profile they need differs from the one initially described.


There is a wide variety of departments and roles in a company, and it is unlikely that the recruiter will know each and every one of them well. However, a specialised recruitment agency does know the different roles and is capable of opening doors to candidates that, otherwise, the company wouldn’t have connected with.

On the other hand, the consultants ended up developing a network of contacts, giving access to candidates that, without them, we wouldn’t have had access to.


The consultants’ connections and expertise allow to speed the selection processes. In our case, we usually present the first candidates a week after closing the contract.

We also do the first filter, so you won’t have to screen 100 candidates, interview 20 and select 3. Instead, we do this work for you and share the few candidates that best suit your company and team.

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