What is a Sales Playbook in 1 minute

Challenge accepted – here’s what you need to know about a Sales Playbook in less than 1 minute.

A Sales Playbook is, essentially, a guide for your SDR team. It provides information about our company and product and, most importantly, a playbook outlines who we target and how to generate conversations.

Why do you need a Sales Playbook?

  • It becomes a guide for SDRs on how to do their job.
  • All resources are centralized in one location.
  • Sales Playbooks also include best practices from your prospecting team. As such, it’ll help management understand what works and why.
  • It becomes a support tool for the onboarding.

Sales Playbook: what’s in it?

A Playbook should cover information about your company and product.

But what makes it most relevant is that it specifies who we target and how to qualify and contact leads.

If you have been successful in your approach in the recent past, you should also include examples of those messages/pitch.

Lastly, specify the tools that are available to the SDRs and mention where to find them. Create a folder with updated resources and keep them updated so the SDRs can use them in their outreach (this is where marketing steps in).

Last comments

Playbooks should be kept accessible for SDRs and must be updated regularly.

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