The SDR profile

SDRs are possibly the most important part of generating opportunities: they find customers out of thin air and are the first phase of the sales funnel, as well as the first image of our startup.

Whenever you need to recruit an SDR, you should take into consideration that the role is part of an automated process and is quite rigurous.

Their job is to qualify the leads and contact prospects through a cold call or email. Sales Reps must create interest in prospects with the aim of closing qualified meetings with the Account Executive.

A good SDR must have rich communication and a well-structured speech in order to be well understood. But most importantly, they will ask the right questions.

On the other hand, SDRs will have emotional intelligence and an analytical mindset. They must be able to quickly understand the ICP’s (Ideal Customer Profile) pains and, with a few qualifying questions, arise interest in the prospect.

This is why we will look for a good listener who can empathize with each prospect.

Additionally, resilience will be an essential skill of any good SDR. In its day-to-day, SDRs won’t succeed in closing meetings with all their prospects.

But don’t be alarmed! This is a sign of a healthy funnel.

Despite the rejection, SDRs will have to find their own tricks to not lose motivation.

The SDR roles are ideal for junior, highly motivated profiles. For this reason, we should avoid hiring based on experience rather than skills.

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