Bet on your ideal candidate

Have you ever had the feeling of being in front of the ideal candidate?

Throughout the interview, you have verified that the profile meets all the necessary skills for the position, is highly motivated and fits in well with your company culture. However, I bet you have also asked yourself: what if there is a better candidate? I would like to do a comparison with other profiles…, etc.

In front of this situation, it’s quite likely that this same thought pattern and its consequences will result in losing our perfect candidate.

To start with, it’s relevant to highlight the volatility of top profiles in the SaaS B2B industry, where everything is constantly changing and advancing at a fast pace, and so does talent.

If you don’t act fast, someone else will.

Therefore, if you want to incorporate a good profile into your technology company, you must consider two key aspects: speed and flexibility.

Speed is essential. If you’re interested in a profile, contact, meet and keep him/her informed.

As obvious as it might sound, good candidates are in high demand (they tend to be in different processes and receive more than one offer), so you must act quickly and agilely!

If you act accordingly, it’ll be less probable that you lose your talent and, at the same time, the candidate will be left with a serious and trustworthy impression of your company.

How can I engage my ideal candidate with my company?

You should always consider the professional situation and motivations of each profile. Take into account your ideal candidate’ needs, preferences and aspirations, so you can consequently offer an attractive proposal that suits both the candidate and the company interests, creating value for both parties.

On a final note, there’s also the feeling you get with the candidate. Although it’s something quite abstract and impossible to measure, don’t be afraid to let your intuition or gut feeling guide you a little.

Most of the times, beyond the professional fit, we’re also seeking a match at a personal level. In line with this, it can be a nice idea that the candidate meets different people from the company or department, so each of them can share their perception.

The bottom line

To sum up, it’s not only about finding a top profile that fits our company, but also about how to react efficiently.

The speed and flexibility exercised during the process will be decisive for the outcome, as well as the personal feeling we get with the candidate.

If all of this turns out to be positive, do not hesitate, this your ideal profile. Stop comparing and bet on the talent you have in front of you!

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