Interview with Hernán – SDR Manager Bloobirds

Today we spoke with Hernán Gimeno, SDR Manager of Bloobirds, and he explained us his experience as an SDR in a SaaS Startup. Hernán is from Mallorca and after finishing his studies in Translation and Interpretation in English, he made his first steps in a digital marketing company in Mallorca. In August 2019 he joined Bloobirds as an SDR and in early 2020 he became SDR Manager.

When you decided to start your career as an SDR, what did you know about this role?

I knew about the role, because my aim was to start a business career in a SaaS company.

I follow several forums in the US and because of them I learned about this role, as many of the sales and marketing leaders that I follow had started their career being an SDR, and all of them highlighted that it was a key and junior position that allowed you to enter SaaS companies.

What were your expectations?

They were and are: to grow and develop in a dynamic company, to learn things every day and to experiment with new solutions. To sum up, to have fun while working hard!

What do you think is the main motivation to become an SDR?

To enter the world of SaaS companies.

In addition, it is a highly valued job, so the salary is according with the responsibility of the role, and it really allows you to develop.

What must any candidate have to become a good SDR?

Curiosity! Eager to learn and to be “hungry”!

There are many things that can be learned: pitch, approach, knowledge about the company… But the spark, the ambition, the desire to learn every day and to take responsibility is something that must be with the candidate from the beginning.

SDRs are profiles whose curiosity pushes them to ask and almost inadvertently skip the objections, that gives them in return a lot of information about the company they are contacting, and that information is vital for the company they work for.

Where can this career lead you?

It is the way to enter a SaaS company and it can take you to different areas such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Product…

The work of an SDR is highly valued and allows you to know what your SaaS brings to other companies, as well as understanding in depth what your leads need, so you have a very complete vision of the company in which you work.

What would you recommend to the people who are considering applying to this role?

That they investigate, read, listen to other SDR’s, watch videos and participate in forums.

There are few jobs in which the training has such immediate results, and just with that you can already differentiate yourself and improve.

Do you recommend any reading?

Fanatical Prospecting. It focuses a lot on prospecting, which is the main task of an SDR, and gives motivational advice, good practices and, above all, focuses on cold calling.

What kind of companies are interesting for someone willing to be an SDR?

It depends on what you are looking for.

If you want security and to start earning a slightly higher salary, you should go to a SaaS Multinational, but development will be slower and more mechanical.

If you are looking to move up faster, evangelize about an innovative SaaS in a newer market, experiment and contribute to new things, it is better to look for a small SaaS Startup with growth capacity, with the risk that this can entail.

What works best for you to manage the stress that sales can bring?

Meditation and especially separating work from personal life. A commercial can sometimes respond to a customer at any time and that does not have to affect him/her.

Another important thing is to understand that the quota is a result and not a work objective, and that if you work and are constant and methodical, everything ends up going well.

Make a summary of what you would highlight.

It is a very nice job as well as a sacrificed one, but it has many rewards and it is fun!

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