Luck is (in part) an attitude!

How much of your success, opportunities and apparent luck is mainly attributable to your attitude and the way you show up in life?

Not long ago, we had one young professional (let’s call him X) who was just graduating, who contacted us on LinkedIn.

X was looking for an SDR position in an exciting startup in Barcelona, and instead of just applying to one of our vacancies, he proactively sent us a super personalised message (which already showed how good of an SDR he would be 😊).

The truth is that the SDR vacancy we had back then was about to be closed, as it seemed that the startup was proceeding with another candidate. However, after having an interview with X and confirming how ambitious and brilliant he was, we decided to give him a chance and put him in contact with the startup.

The rest is history.

The SDR Manager fell in love with him and offered him a contract. Funny to think about the butterfly effect X generated by just sending us a message on LinkedIn, especially if we consider that that position was about to be closed!

In fact, there has been some scientific research on luck during the last decades.

Richard Wiseman, in his book Luck Factor, argues how certain behaviour patterns and personality traits make people luckier.

Let’s go through some of them –

Maximize opportunities

Lucky people create, notice, and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives.

To encounter these serendipitous events in your life, you need to make yourself available and create scenarios that will maximize your opportunities, even if you feel unsure about it!


It has also been shown that optimistic people are quite lucky.

The reason is simple: if you expect good things to happen to you, you’ll be more likely to try new things, increasing your probabilities of success.

Also, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: “Everything turns out well. If it hasn’t, it’s not yet the end.”

Well, if you believe things are going to turn out, you persevere more, which again means incrementing the possibilities of success.


Trust your gut feeling! Richard Wiseman also shares in his book some interesting patterns about lucky people.

Apparently, a big percentage of them trust their intuition for important life decisions, as it’s likely that the body and the brain have detected a pattern that you haven’t consciously seen.

Turn problems into projects

Let’s finally state that it’s not that lucky people are always lucky.

Instead, they are resilient and know how to turn adversity on their favour. Whenever they face a problem, they remove its negative connotation and approach it as a new project and adventure.

Going back to X’s example, just consider how different things would have turned out for him if he had just applied to our vacancy without contacting us.

We weren’t even evaluating more candidates at that point, so we probably wouldn’t have met him, and he definitely wouldn’t have gotten an offer from a startup he loved.

Luck is an attitude!

Sure, there will be some downs every now and then (that’s also part of the fun).

But it’s really up to you how you maximize your lucky opportunities and turn unlucky ones into an interesting result. Luck is an attitude, act accordingly!

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