Expectations of an SDR

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) bet on this role for different reasons: they like the contact with clients, they enjoy building relationships, they want a challenging role, they look to work in a specific sector… But all candidates have some common expectations.

Dynamic work environment

The first selling point of the SDR role is the fact that it’s in a startup.

Most candidates seek to break the monotony of their past roles and start in a dynamic company without a strong hierarchy, and with a young, modern, and, if possible, multicultural environment.

Learning opportunity

Additionally, lots of SDRs tend to be recent graduates, and working in a startup allows them to gain a general vision of the functioning of a business.

Having a voice

There is also the fact that they have a voice.

How many times has one been at work, wishing to change a small part of the process?

Some SDRs come frustrated from previous jobs, where they had found a glitch in the process and come up with an interesting suggestion, but due to hierarchy or company policy, their ideas were ignored.

Sales Reps want to have the flexibility and the possibility to have their own input to improve the company. 

Taking part in the company’s success

Another factor which they consider important is the real impact that their work has on the company.

Especially in smaller companies, an increase in sales and the respective growth in the company is very noticeable, and SDRs know that it’s in part due to their effort. In this sense, they land a job where they can feel accomplished.

Working towards a common goal

On the other hand, an aspect which is very searched for is a good team.

Often, being more directly responsible for the growth of a company means that teammates are even more motivated with the project.

This helps with teamwork, as all members work to the same aim and are more predisposed to give 100%, eliminating individualisms and free riding.

Professional growth

Finally, Sales Reps encounter a real possibility for growth and development.

It is very common to be willing to change jobs because you feel stuck. The SDR role is an initial position, in which you land in the company, learn about it, and after a short time you evolve into another position, be it an Account Executive, Customer Success or any other area.

Such possibility of a genuine development, which is not strictly stipulated by terms of seniority, gives extra attraction to the role.

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