Gamification: Get on the podium!

It often arises the question about how to motivate our SDR team, improve the results and achieve a healthy competitiveness while having fun.

Today we’re going to talk about gamification: when you have a cohesive and powerful team, it’s a good idea to introduce changes that pose new challenges and go further. Economic remuneration is not the only way, as we’re not only looking for results but also to have a good time. At the same time, happy SDRs will transmit its enthusiasm to their leads, and everyone likes to buy from positive people who look passionate for what they do.

With a gamification methodology, you can achieve greater commitment from your SDRs, who will also see the importance that the company gives to their role.

How does gamification work?

Of course, you should clarify where you are prioritizing your sales at all times, making the pains to be targeted more accessible and clearer.

For example, you may be prospecting different sizes of companies and be willing to get more meetings with the larger ones, or you might want to expand in a new country while continuing to prospect the current ones. With a short-term objective, you can promote this challenge by establishing a points-based system.

As an example, let’s say that closing a meeting in the new country add more points than in the current ones. This doesn’t mean that a rep that has closed more meetings in your current market can’t win, of course! This SDR will also deserve an award for having prospected so many.

How can gamification help my SDRs’ productivity?

Keep in mind that most sales reps are in their first professional steps, and the idea of ​​turning their day to day into something more playful will inevitably appeal to them.

With a points-based system we can generate a podium and reward different weekly challenges, not only for those who close more meetings (this will be enjoyed economically on their payroll), but for the most quality calls, the most effective ones, the most original and creative ones (to reach the buyer persona), etc. Most probably you’ll discover abilities of your team that you didn’t know.

What should be the prize?

Finally, if applying gamification in your team, we recommend remuneration through technology gadgets, e-commerce coupons or a team celebration in the office.

After all, as we mentioned before, the economic remuneration is already included in the contracts with the variable percentage, and gamification is an extra. An extra for fun and challenge!

Do you dare to try?

Team culture is also key. Here we tell you all about it.

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