Outbound Sales roles – Inside Sales

In this series of articles, we describe the roles in Outbound Sales: Sales Development Representative (SDR), Account Executive (AE), and Inside Sales.

What is an Inside Sales?

Inside Sales are often also referred to as Full-cycle AEs. This title is self-explanatory, as a Full-cycle AE is the person who carries out the whole sales process: prospection and closure of the deal.

In other words, an Inside Sales merges the SDR and AE roles.

When does it make sense to have an Inside Sales instead of an SDR + AE structure?

When we’re starting our sales or when the sales life-cycle is very short.

What are their responsibilities?

  • Identify and contact potential clients. Identify the decision-maker and their needs, and analyse how our product can solve those.
  • Understand the prospect’s pain points and present the product (demo) so the prospect understands how the software will help him solve their problem.
  • Negotiation and deal closure.

What skills should an Inside Sales have?

Considering that an Inside Sales merges the responsibilities of an SDR and an AE, most skills are very similar.

Communication skills

This sales rep must be concise and clear in their communication (check out the DISC Model), whilst actively listening to the lead. They must be able to adapt to their interlocutor when it comes to the type of communication, as well as the message.


Empathy is a common denominator in all sales roles. It helps sales reps to gain a better understanding of their interlocutor and, together with the knowledge of the market and research of the lead, it will help the rep build rapport.

Time management

Bear in mind that this person will be prospecting whilst closing deals, meaning that time management becomes even more relevant in this role. How so? When unable to properly organise their schedule, it’s likely that the sales rep will have gaps in their pipeline.


The Inside Sales will have to contact dozens of people daily, but only a few will consent to have a conversation (check out these tips). We are looking for someone who will persevere and stay motivated despite the daily rejection.

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