Top sales habits to become a top performer

Being an SDR is no easy job. Becoming a top performer SDR is even harder. However, if you’re persistent and organised, nothing will stop you from achieving your goals.

There’s no denying that persistence and organisation are key to be successful as an SDR. So if you’re starting your career in SaaS sales, here are some habits you need embrace that will set you up for success –

1. Prepare every call

Making a call is not just about the few minutes you spend talking with your lead on the phone.

Make sure prepare the call beforehand and take some time after hanging up to write down all the information.

As an SDR, you have the amazing opportunity to access information from your target market that will be gold for every department in the company. Write everything down so there is no information leaks.

You’ll also realise that you’ll do better in cold calls when you practice them in advance. With all the information that you have about your lead, what questions do you think are likely to come up? Are there any keywords you should be using? What type of communication should you use with that lead?

2. Follow up after every meeting

You want the process to be smooth, so don’t forget to explain what comes next after your conversation.

Explain the next steps, create a path for the lead and build trust.

3. Plan your week

One of the best sales habits you can embrace is to create yourself a schedule. When is your most productive time? And when is it the best time for cold calls?

When planning your week, you should also consider your pipeline. Review the status of your leads and plan the next steps or consider letting go of those that won’t qualify.

This will also help you to figure out how many you’ll have to replace for new opportunities. Top performer SDRs talk to new opportunities everyday!

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