How to keep your employees happy and achieve better results

In all positions from a company —with special emphasis on Sales positions, which tend to be pretty emotional— it’s crucial for companies to do their best to make their employees feel good and valued. Some studies [1] demonstrate that organizations that have a lot of happy employees have three times the revenue growth and half of turnover rate compared to other companies who don’t.

And now I can hear all the budget alarms ringing…

Don’t worry! You don’t have to spend more money to keep your employees happy.

And once again… No, we are not talking about building an interactive game room in the office or offering free massages to the employees. It’s more about how employees are treated on their day to day by their leaders and teammates. 

Create the right environment

Firstly, it’s fundamental to create a trustful and respectful atmosphere, giving freedom to the workers to do whatever they think it’s right when it comes to having the work done and maintaining the customer satisfied.

This will make people feel trusted and appreciated, giving them a sense of belonging to the team.

In the case of SDRs, it’s necessary to give them some guidelines and tips to follow. But it’s also important to give them the trust to “learn by doing”.

Fairness and equity within the work environment

The idea here is to empower the intrinsic worth of each person, regardless of the job category, experience, or age range (among others).

The way you’re treated shouldn’t depend on your professional achievements, boosting a fair and egalitarian environment.

As an example, even if a sales employee is performing really well, it’s not the best idea to show favouritism and treat him or her better than the rest of the team. This can make the rest of the team members feel uncomfortable or treated unfairly.

Again, this is especially important for companies that have more than one SDR or commercial profile.

Everyone should have a voice

Furthermore, you would probably agree that everyone likes to feel heard.

So, the important thing here is to give your employees some “psychological safety”, that is, a space to express their ideas and worries, making sure that they are heard.

A good idea would be to keep your employees happy could be hosting follow-up meetings with each employee. During these meetings, establish routines (frequent one-to-one meetings with the manager, occasional feedback meetings with the founders…), which can be both formal or informal.

Keep it diverse

Once you have achieved all of the previously mentioned, the next step would be to build a great team by boosting diversity and a purpose worth fighting for.

Having people from different backgrounds (origin, age, gender, etc.) inside the company will give a broader perspective and will result in a highly effective problem solving.

Build one common goal

Lastly, when we establish a visible common goal, employees will be willing to work hard to get the best results, so they will not only be happy, but they’ll also feel fulfilled with a purpose worth fighting for. 

So, are you down for this challenge?

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