Book recommendations by and for SDRs

If you want to shine as an SDR, it’s not just about working smart but also working hard. To accomplish this, you should train your skills and knowledge constantly, and among other means, reading is a must.

We have asked different Sales Reps about books that have impacted them and contributed in developing a ‘growth mindset’.

Think and grow rich – Napoleon Hill

Considered the grandfather of all motivational literature. It gives us a series of clear and simple tips on how to achieve our goals.

How to influence people and make friends – Dale Carnegie

Interpersonal relationships, first! This is a clear concept that the author transmits to us; and it also offers some tips on how to enhance the most human aspect of life in any situation.

How to stop worrying and start living – Dale Carnegie

Also by Carnegie, this best-seller will help us overcome the habit of worrying so much through practical formulas applicable to day-to-day life. This book can help you a lot, especially if you want to start your sales career and leave your fears behind.

Predictably Irrational – Dan Ariely

This book makes us realize that our decisions are not always logical. Through some dynamic examples, the author brings new and surprising conclusions about human nature.

Smart Calling – Art Sobczak

Are you anxious to do ‘cold approaches’? This reading can help you minimize fear and rejection of cold calling, through a new set of techniques and smart tips for prospecting leads.

The 5 second rule – Mel Robbins

You may agree with me when I say that our biggest limits are those that we impose ourselves. Faced with this, there is a simple and unique solution to find the confidence and courage that we lack within ourselves. In other words, “the secret is not knowing what to do, but knowing how to do it.”

Take the Cold out of Cold Calling

If you want to take the personalization and relevance of your calls to the next level, you should really consider reading this! The author shares search techniques and websites that allows you finding hidden information about your prospects.

Fanatical Prospecting – Jeb Blount

Considered as the SDRs Bible, it provides practical recommendations on prospecting and cold calling. Hernán, SDR Manager of Bloobirds, also recommended it to us in the interview we had.

We encourage you to get immersed in them. Besides, what a better time to do it than now? At Outbound People we’ll love to hear your opinion about them!

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