Customer Success: the Farmer in B2B SaaS Sales

Client retention is key in a SaaS B2B, and Customer Success teams are responsible for minimising churn. On this post we explain what are their other responsibilities and what skills we look for in a Customer Success.

Customer Success are sales profiles that take care of the client, accompany them, and build loyalty generating upsells. Their objective is to achieve upsells and avoid churn.

In tech companies, this profile is key, as this is the team that teaches the client the use of the tool and helps them utilise its full potential.

Account Manager vs Customer Success

A Customer Success has many similarities with an Account Manager. The main difference relies on the fact that a CSM does not only advise, resolve inquiries or propose improvements but also has a deep knowledge of the client and the tool, so they can solve technical issues.

The main difference between both profiles is that the Account Manager is less techy, and tends to have a background in traditional industries.

What skills do we value in Customer Success?

The Customer Success role is a possible progression from the SDR role, as they know the client and what the product solves.

Customer Success profiles need to be as resilient as SDRs, they must excel at communication as they’ll have to master the tool to teach it to clients, and they need to be empathic and detail-oriented.

Customer Success profiles

Depending on the SaaS and its size, there are specific profiles, ranging from less to more techy. However, all of them must have strong communication skills.

Technical onboarder

They look after the implementation of our SaaS for the client. They will be in charge of the data migration and its data model so that it adapts to the needs of the clients. This person must feel comfortable with SQL, Lusha, Zapier, jira, and databases.

The onboarding process is always part of the Customer Success team’s responsibilities.

Customer Success

If there is no technical onboarder, CSM can take on this task. Customer Success becomes the point of contact between our client and company, they represent the brand and manage renewals. They will help the client use the tool to its maximum extent and promote upsells. Their objective is to create medium and long-term relationships and be the client’s voice in the company.

The latter is highly relevant, as the CSM is the person who knows the client best and can therefore bring up new ideas to Marketing and Product to improve the software, improvements being requested by the clients.


This is the most technological profile, they are in charge of fixing bugs that are too complicated for Customer Success.

Support is a hybrid profile, they usually have a background in tech development (programmer) and strong communication skills.

This profile deals with both sales and the technological aspects of the business, and their coordination role is very relevant.

It is necessary to have technical training to perform in this role within a B2B SaaS, whilst in a B2C their tasks are rather related to customer service than tech.

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