Prospecting in August: how to keep a full pipeline and avoid the summer slump

Ah, the summer holidays! You still have your quota to meet but struggle to have conversations? Well, here’s some ideas of what you can do to get a higher response rate and how you can invest your time towards better results in the coming months.

August is just around the corner… is contacting clients proving to be a challenge?

We propose you invest your efforts in –


It’s a great moment to organise and analyse your prospects. Determine which ones are working best and why.

During busy periods, we can’t afford to dig into other metrics, but these weeks will allow you to understand what works for you as an SDR so you can improve where you shine.

Innovation and creativity

You’ll be able to create fresher images and videos that will help you get closer to your potential client. You’ll have fun doing it! And being creative and innovative is part of the SDR role. Being an SDR is no easy job!

New strategies

When prospecting in August, leave all automation aside and find new pools of leads, grow your client list, and nurture the CRM.

Research your potential clients – which companies are growing the most? They’ll most likely be interested in improving their processes so they’ll probably be interested in speaking with you (and they’ll probably have the budget for it too).

Gain more knowledge of their target market and research the events coming up so you can meet them.

Read news about your industry and your clients’, and create posts on social media about it. You’ll become much more knowledgeable, and for your clients to know you’ll have to prove it. Few other things generate trust than proving your knowledge – you’re the expert!

Speak with existing clients

Contact companies you’re already working with, figure out their level of satisfaction, and make the most out of these conversations! You may get a referral or two.

Last but not least: pick up the phone!

Most of your competitors will lower their guard – take advantage of this and get those opportunities! Nowadays, it’s becoming quite common to work in August, and your calls will probably be more successful.


There will be fewer obstacles in your way, your buyer persona will be less busy and more relaxed, meaning that they’ll be more open to having a conversation.

Happy August!

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