The importance of both talent and methodology

The commercial profession is perhaps one of the hardest out there, and because of this it’s also one of the best paid.

Commercials are the most visible face of the results of a company. The pressure for it – and also the satisfaction if you get results- is not precisely small.

When we recruit our candidates, we look for a series of indispensable skills for the role.

We have come across with great and brilliant people, always willing to add value to their different projects. Most of them have a natural talent and know how to intelligently adapt to each situation.

However, these people, no matter how brilliant they are, will need a series of tools and methodology to achieve goals and sales success. That is why we sometimes find salespeople that achieved incredible results in one company. Then they switched to a similar one in terms of features and product, but their achievements, however, are fewer.

Let’s set an example

Take as an example Formula 1 drivers.

We often see how drivers who have won everything change their team and leave a podium that seemed theirs.

We also see less experienced drivers who add positions with a good car. In these cases, we can see the huge influence of the engine and the team that makes the strategic decisions, such as when to stop in the pits or change the tires.

The importance of onboarding and sales enablement tools

Going back to our business scope, there are many factors that can influence this. But considering a remarkable person that has changed to a similar company so they know the product thoroughly – at least because they were competitors -, we must think or talk about methodology and tools.

On the one hand, there must be a good methodology. This means being very clear about:

  • Your interlocutor
  • Target market
  • Having a deep understanding about what your company is good at
  • Who your competitors are (you should know them as your own company!).

In order to have a good methodology, we must also be very clear about the sales strategy and process, its phases, and closure, so it’ll be super useful to have a Sales Playbook and clear guidelines.

On the other hand, tools are essential to have all your methodology meticulously organized, and in order to know where to safely collect the information exchanged with your client, as this helps both you and your client. It will allow you to be efficient and agile, adding real value.

The appropriate methodology and tools will help star profiles shine and allow to work well to those who are tenacious, but again, it is necessary to have specific personal characteristics in order to develop a commercial role.

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