What to do after an unsuccessful interview

There are many reasons why an interview may not go as well as you would have hoped. It happens. But what can you do to make it right?

An unsuccessful interview will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Whether it’s just a feeling or an actual fact, here’s what you can do to change the interviewer’s perception of you –

1. Take a deep breath

Think clearly and determine if your mistake will affect the outcome of the interview. Your impression may differ from the interviewer’s. In these situations, if you approach the interviewer right away and highlight what you think went wrong, you’ll be digging a deeper hole.

It might be a good idea to talk about it with someone else to give you perspective. It will also help you determine what exactly went wrong.

2. Follow up with the recruiter

It’s always a good idea to send a thank you email to the recruiter after the interview. 

If you consider it appropriate, you could also use this message as an opportunity to add value to your application if you were not able to convey your point as well as you would have liked. Be specific.

In some occasions, you may also ask for a second chance. Only do this if you firmly believe it’s necessary BUT make sure you crush the next interview, make it worth the interviewer’s time.

3. Don’t overapologise

You don’t know the recruiter’s impression of your slip-ups, and you don’t want to keep reminding them of the less positive aspects of the interview.

4. Take it as a learning opportunity

Even if you were thorough in your preparation, unforeseen circumstances can happen. 

Don’t beat yourself up. 

Look at the bright side and learn from what went wrong so you can do better next time.

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