The SDR profile

SDRs are possibly the most important part of the sales team: they “take customers out of nowhere” and are the first phase of the sales funnel, as well as the first image of our startup.

Whenever you need to recruit an SDR, you should take into consideration that the role is part of a process automation and is quite intensive. Their daily job is to qualify the lead and contact prospects with a cold call. Thus, Sales Reps must generate interest in the prospect, always aiming to close a quality meeting for the Account Executive.

That being said, a good SDR must have a rich communication and an organized and well structured discourse, in order to be well understood. On the other hand, SDRs will have emotional intelligence and an analytical mindset, as they must be able to quickly understand the interlocutor and, with a few qualifying questions, arouse interest in the prospect.

It is essential that the SDR is capable of asking just the right questions to the prospect, being truly relevant and allowing the prospect to feel understood and reflected. This is why we will look for a person who, above anything else, knows how to listen, is very analytical with the situation and genuinely empathizes with each lead.

Additionally, resilience will be an essential skill of any good SDR. In its day-to-day, SDRs will “fail” to prospect many leads, a fact that falls within normality but that it must be managed well to not lose motivation or enthusiasm (‘Resilience in an SDR‘).

Finally, when searching for the perfect SDR, the mentioned skills will have much more weight than his/her previous experience, because it will be a young profile with little experience and motivated to start his commercial career (‘Previous experience in an SDR‘).

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