How to attract the best talent

When you start building the team in your company, you must never forget it will be the most valuable asset in it.

In order to attract top talent, it’s not about candidates convincing you that they’re the right fit, but rather about you convincing them that this is the perfect opportunity for them.

It therefore becomes essential to have certain qualities or values that will make you attract top talent, which should be made very clear with candidates during their interview process.

To begin with, you must have a strong and desirable mission. Your goals should be clear, down-to-earth and ambitious at the same time. Top performers want to be part of something disruptive and powerful that will add real value.

At the same time, the mission must be accompanied with the right culture and values. Beer days or team building activities won’t make it all. It is rather about having a really nice environment and dynamics on the day-to-day. Most talented profiles aim at working with other talented people that are humble, have a respectful and open communication, and are willing to collaborate hand by hand to obtain the best results.

Moreover, challenge must not be left out either. Even if you have a desirable mission and culture, talented and ambitious people want to feel challenged and like they are developing their expertise. In this sense, you can’t place overqualified people into certain roles. Their role and contribution must be in line with what will make them feel like they are reaching new victories through healthy challenge.

Economic compensation is undeniably important too. Although candidates can be flexible if the other discussed aspects are met, you can’t pretend to retain the best players if the salary you offer falls below the market expectatives.

Finally, you should also be agile in your interviewing process with top candidates, as it’s most likely that they’ll have different offers on the table. Once you get a great feeling with a candidate, don’t hesitate too much and advance fast. It’s normal to be willing to see other candidates so you can compare them all, but this takes an extra valuable time that can make you lose your ideal candidate, only for finding out later that he or she was in fact the best fit! 

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