Why starting your professional career as an SDR can be a great move

At OP we work with startups in their initial growth phase. For people starting their professional career, it can be a place to learn and enjoy the most, since these companies are developing, building and finding out their market niche.

During these stages, companies are agile, flexible and are constantly adapting, readapting and improving their product, as well as defining their target market. They need ambitious, intelligent and motivated people, ready to think, propose and execute, so many times the SDR role will go further.

Getting started as an SDR in a startup is a great experience; not only you can learn a lot about their industry and develop skills in different areas, but you can also see exactly what the early stages of establishing and building a successful business works.

This role is for people who are not afraid of risk -some of these companies may not reach 5 years- although your development and growth may be infinitely greater and faster than in larger companies. In fact, you can really see your effort rewarded, and if you decide to switch your position in another company, you will have learned in a few years much more than what you would have in 10 years in other sectors.

In the companies we work with we have good examples of people with great career development that started as an SDR. Some of them, in less than 1 year have become SDR Manager, Account Executive, Customer Success Manager or Project Manager.

It is normal to feel attracted to large firms with a well-known brand, but always bear in mind that your potential can really shine in a growing startup, where your concerns and your contributions will be directly valued. This means a learning curve, experience and personal development that wouldn’t be available in a rigidly organized company. It also means more autonomy, since your manager won’t be available to constantly check your work. In a startup you will also find a horizontal structure where the founders see your work, a rapid professional progression and a culture based on commitment and respect, within an informal and close environment.

What are you waiting for? Feel ready already?

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