SDR Training Sessions

We love meeting again with Sales Reps that we have recently recruited to talk about their first days in the role. Therefore, we organize a training session every 1-2 months with the new settled SDRs.

The aim of the session is for the newly incorporated Sales Reps in startups working with Outbound People to achieve a faster ramp up, with the help of experts from The SaaS Institute and professionals from startups such as Bloobirds, Landbot or Red Points, which a few years ago were SDRs and have now evolved into other roles like SDR Manager, Account Executive, Outbound Manager, Sales Manager or Sales Operations.

The session is divided into several blocks and we discuss in depth typical objections encountered by reps, such as skipping the gatekeeper or turning it into an ally. We also talk about the pitch and share good practices to achieve the final aim, which is to close a quality meeting. These first blocks are taught by consultants from The SaaS Institute, experts in creating the best sales structures for Outbound Sales.

The last block is led by an Outbound Sales expert who shares his or her experience and works with the new SDRs in several practical and real cases, which can help gaining security and confidence when tackling this new professional challenge.

Another intrinsic objective of the session is the networking between SDRs of different startups, so they can later stay in touch and share good practices. To help with this, after the session we invite them to join the European SDRs slack channel, where interesting content is uploaded for them and they are invited to events focused in this role. Since the session is exclusively for SDRs, they feel reflected by the experiences of other reps and feel in community.

All the above being said, it’s always preferable that the Sales Reps attending the session have a minimum of 1-2 weeks of experience in their role, because this allows for a greater involvement in the debate, as they will share first-hand experiences and provide a real value.

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